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Best Offline Music Apps for iPhone


Music streaming is without a shadow of a doubt an exciting and refreshing way of listening to music and learning about new artists or songs. However, this option may not always be an option, and despite Wi-Fi connections being available in all corners of the world, you will forever need some songs when on the go. In other words, if you’re due a trip to a rural area or secluded woodland, you need to ensure that you’ll be taking your offline music collection along for the ride by finding the best offline music apps for Iphone or just any phone..Best Offline Music Apps for iPhone

There is good news considering that many people have realized this potential gap in the market, with various music streaming apps having evolved and letting you enjoy music offline. Of course, these apps are approved and legal –you won’t need to worry about breaking the law. So, if you have been looking for the best offline music apps for your shiny iPhone, here are the best ones:


  1. Spotify

This list wouldn’t be complete without first mentioning Spotify. Initially, the brand tried to protect musicians from the illegal distribution of their songs, but nowadays Spotify is among those who allow for the offline downloads of your favorite songs. If you have never heard of Spotify, well, we’re surprised. The brand is huge in the United States, and slowly but surely made its presence widely-known in the UK and other countries as well.

Its popularity relates to the versatility of styles, ranging from rock, country, classic, pop, and other genres. Although you can use the app for online streaming, you can also download tracks for offline playback. The best about it is that you can browse lists and new song releases and decide what you want to keep –all while your favorite albums and artists are selected based on the initial preferences you have imputed. Moreover, there is the option of enabling notifications for when a new album is released –meaning that you’ll forever be kept in the loop with the musical world.

All in all, Spotify is an incredible music app that allows you to enjoy your favorite artists and sync music from your desktop. There are many features which push the app to the top, and there is no surprise that most users believe this is one of the best ones to be created so far.

  1. Tidal

Tidal is designed to create a superior user experience, and that’s due to its one-of-a-kind emphasis on High Fidelity sound quality and High Definition music videos. In fact, its editorial content is created by experts, artists and music journalists –making it the world’s first music app which follows this approach.

The design is similar to Spotify, meaning that should you wish to transition from one to the other, the change will be seamlessly easy. Tidal impresses through its comprehensive functionality and ability to listen to music offline. Sharing capabilities are also present in the app; however, there is more work to be done in this neck of the woods. More specifically, the social features could be improved in the future –there will always be something better, and we’re confident Tidal will fix these minor hip cups. Nonetheless, you can easily connect Tidal to your Facebook page and share your music discoveries with friends, family, or work colleagues. You can even extract a URL and link it directly to another individual –be it a track, playlist, or a whole album.

Because the purpose of this article relates to offline music, it’s vital to note that Tidal can be everything you need and more. Due to its comprehensive functionality and easy-to-navigate features, even first-time users will understand how to save tracks or link them to their iPhones for later. This quality is perfect for situations in which your connection is slow, or your data plan seems too hard on your finances.

  1. Groove Music

Groove music is the title given to the app, while Groove is the provided service. Once upon a time, Groove Music was known as Xbox Music, but the name quickly changed because of user confusion to whether they needed an Xbox to use the app.

Aside from the possibly confusing name changes and other features, Microsoft’s app is an excellent way of taking all your music offline. In fact, in addition to the possibility of streaming music from the online catalog the app provides, you have the opportunity to create and manage your personal cloud service using OneDrive. This service means that you can upload the favorite songs you already own from other devices, plus all your purchased music from the Groove app.

You can quickly do this by going into the app’s setting and turning on the option “Automatically download songs” –taking all the music you would like to add. Nonetheless, you should note that this option is solely available using the Groove Music Pass subscription.music

  1. Slacker Radio

Slacker Radio is utterly different than the other apps we’ve told you about today. Some of you might love the old style feel of the radio, and we can vouch for your taste. The good news is that there are others who share your opinion, and Slacker Radio is just one app where you have the option of downloading your favorite radio stations for listening to them when offline.

To do this, you’ll need to have the Slacker Plus or Premium subscription, which will make it incredibly simple to select songs, stations or playlists and download them to your iPhone. Slacker Radio is a well-kept secret in music since not enough radio lovers know of its existence. The service offered by the brand is not something you’ll find anywhere else, and that’s why the app is definitely worth the praise it has so far gotten.

There are a few things which would make the Slacker Radio even more interesting than it already is. For example, including a family plan would mean a lower premium and a more significant chance to expand your market. Nonetheless, since Slacker Radio is ever-evolving, we expect big things.

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